The kiddos and I had such a wonderful day. We started off the day with crepes and a playdate ( what’s more perfect than that?). After the kiddos wore themselves out all on their own we headed outside for some balloon fun.

My tech guy is half way around the world, so it’s been hard updating my blog over my phone. My point being that I have links to share today but won’t be able to add them. I’ll have to update this post at a later point.

I love planning simple artivities wih the kids. They get super excited to spend time doing something novel or new and I love all the side conversations that occur as a result. It’s interestin how much you learn about each other when you spend time doing something enjoyable.

We headed outside wih dice and gallons in hand to play balloon dice, a game I found on an online blog. He gist of the game is to throw dice and then keep the ball in the air for that many hits. Since it was a little breezy outside there was definitely a challenge and he kiddos laughed and had a blast trying to keep the balloons from hitting the ground. Afterwards we ran races by trying to keep the balloon tucked between heir knees. That ones an oldie but goodie!

After popscicles we headed indoors for balloon telleyball. It’s a cross between tennis and volleyball and really not either one but the gist is to cone off an area and take turns serving the balloon while trying to drop the balloon on your opponents side to score a point.

That may have been the favorite game of all three.

Next week we’ll tackle balloon experiments and activities as well as some art with balloons.

We finished off the day wih a visit to the pool with friends and books on the couch. A perfect day for sure.

On a side note, Brooks received his birthday box from us yesterday. I had wanted to ship a huge box full of decorations and balloons to decorate his room. I was going to send it to another soldeir so they could set it up on the fly. But then Brooks made a comment about how he hoped I wasn’t planning on sending a ton of stuff to hang up. So I was in a bit of a quandary, only because biehdays are such big a big deal for me and missing out on Brooks’s big day makes me sad.

So in the end, not super creative me decided to redo, on a smaller scale something I’d done while we were dating in high school. On our anniversary I somehow convinced each of Brooks’s teachers to hand him a card during class. It took a lot of work to track down each teacher, including one sub, who surprisingly followed through with it. So I figured Little B and I could do the same. I contacted one he soldiers deployed with him and sent him a package with cards and pictures stuffed in envelopes. He passed them out to different people who then handed them to him at different times. I call that romantic đŸ˜‰ and sweet.

Life is good.