Aw! The simple joy of a long day stretching before you with nothing to do. No errands, no in-and-out of the car, no schedule, nothing.

We ran full swing into summer break, with a camping trip planned through the weekend. At the last moment, our trip was postponed. As The Boy and I contemplated how to fill our day we were sure of two things: 1. That crepes were a must for breakfast… And 2. That doing absolutely nothing sounded wonderful.

Of course I did clean my house, twice, just because I could. And we did watch two movies, read some new books, played board games, and drew pictures. But it was all done at a leisurely pace. Meals were simple recipes thrown together. I began reading a book I’d put off for a bit. And the kiddos played video games.

I even took a nap.

Perfect days come in different ways, and today was definitely one of those. A do nothing day. I love it!