We’ve attended Blora’s Waterfest before. Some years are better than others, so I for sure did not know what to expect. But with two kiddos in tow, and the “beach” close by I figured we’d have a good time either way.

If there is one thing I know, though, it’s that any event is better experienced early on, when people are still waking up and the day is still rather cool. My plan of action was to get to all the extra fun stuff first and after a late lunch we could do the normal Blora things; ie. water slides, paddleboats, hiking, and “beach.”

Thankfully my plan worked out because when we got there the place was virtually deserted. I was worried, from the looks of it, that set up was still on going. I was wrong. The kiddos were able to take a nice long turn on the kayaks, since no one else was in line.

Brooksy got the hang of it right away but said he’d had experience at Brooks’s cousin’s wedding. Marilyn had a bit of trouble with her oars but the volunteers or workers, I couldn’t figure out which, were wonderful about helping her and teaching her some basics.

Afterwards the kiddos headed to this ginormous slip and slide water slide they had set up. The line was pretty bare and the kiddos played for a long time. Little Brooks was so thrilled and fully enjoyed coming up with different spins, rolls, jumps, etc. And all the while he waited his turn, which were thankfully very quick, he sang and danced in line. I love his zeal for life. It’s infectious!

From there we moved on to the water balloon water sling war zone. The kiddos had a rough time with this one. They didn’t have much arm power to really get their water balloons going the distance required. After his first turn BB figured that instead of going for the big ol water balloons that little one’s would serve him better. He was right, and afterwards had no trouble hitting his targets.

The giant “hamster balls,” (I call them that, I”m sure there’s a better name for them), were our next stop. They had the balls set up in an area for racing, which is a good thing because there is an incline nearby and it was windy. I could just imagine my poor kiddos getting blown down the hill into the lake. Oh boy, oh boy!

This stop was so much fun the kiddos couldn’t be turned away, until the line got so long that they rethought their whole need for a fourth turn. Smart kiddos.

The petting zoo, pony rides, and bouncers were next. I love that on the way there the kids “had” to stop at the playground to play a game of Zombies. We hit the playground a lot and I LOVE that it’s one of their favorite places to go.

Brooksy usually forgoes pony rides. He hates that they’re tied up and you just go around in a circle. Somehow the whole thing appealed to him today and he hopped on for a turn. Marilyn said she’d never been on a pony and was super thrilled, and although she was a little bit anxious, she was brave and hopped on for a turn as well.

The petting zoo was my favorite. It was the only thing at the Waterfest that had a fee associated with it. It was free to pet the animals but cost a dollar to feed them. I happily doled out three dollars. What, you all thought I’d skip on that myself? šŸ˜‰

The animals were a bit too aggressive. I think maybe they skipped breakfast? If you didn’t have a feed cup in hand they were fine, but as soon as they caught sight of one you were doomed. The big ol’ cow was my fav, until I asked the guy, half jokingly if he’d end up on someone’s dinner plate, and the guy said, “Yup!.” Poor cute cow.

On our way back to the car to pick up our lunches the kiddos had to do everything a few more times. After lunch we hit the water slides, and then headed to the beach so the kiddos could make mud babies. One of my friends daughter’s taught the kiddos to scoop up the mud from the bottom of the lake, bring it back to the beach, roll it around the sand, bury it, and a few minutes later you have a “mud baby.”

The kiddos didn’t even want to swim. They made about five babies each and were happy to sit and watch them “cook.”

We were at the waterfest for six hours before I cried, “Mercy!” My foot was swollen and sore and I was getting a migraine. Probably from the lack of water in a my system. True story.

We had such a blast at the waterfest. It was def a perfect day.

We came home, showered, worked on the first part of an art project,

made carob brownies and popcorn, played Pictureka, and then vegged out in front of the TV watching Netflix movies.

I love summer break!