We had a fun day. Homeschooling followed by a visit to the Harker Heights Library’s Summer Reading Program Beach Bash followed by a visit to the Patton Pool with my dear friend Tanja. 



But today was special especially because it was my sister’s birthday. I adore my sister, I look up to her, admire her, and love her to pieces. When something good happens in my life I want to share it with her. If I had it my way we’d be next door neighbors. I’m just saying.

For the last two years she’s been working on her doctorate. I’m incredibly proud of her. She’s got a heart of gold, sticks to her convictions, and is passionate about some pretty important issues.

So it makes me sad when we miss out on important days like birthdays. If I had been able to I would have been there to help her celebrate.

This morning Bree told me to bake an upside down pineapple cake with The Boy, so that we could celebrate from afar. Brenda loves my boy in such a sweet way. And he adores her. I love the bonds they have been able to form, the way his little face lights up when he sees her, how he worries about her and loves her.

So we complied with her request. It was the least we could do 😉 Brooksy was very particular about baking this cake just right, it was after all for his tia. The cake turned out amazing. We followed Paula Deene’s recipe. And as much as I resisted I had a small slice. The house smelled too darn good and The Boy kept making noises signifying how ridiculously good it was while he devoured his.

Happy birthday to an amazing sister and an the best tia a boy could ask for! You are missed and loved so much, Brenda! Till we see each other again, besos!!!