What a day, what a day!

As much as I am loving summer break, it’s kind of tiring me out too! It may be the fact that I’m dieting (I’ve lost nine pounds in two weeks, woo me!) or the fact that I’m falling asleep so late and waking up early, or possibly a combo of the two, but I’m about to call a Do Nothing Day here soon! And we just had one the other day! Mercy!

I am thankful, always, for the ability to spend the day with my little one. I don’t take that for granted one bit.

We started off our morning with a visit to the Killeen Community Center to see an African Story Teller. Little Brooks was beside himself. He’s seen this storyteller before and adores her. Needless to say the kiddos learned a few new things about the countries of Africa and had a blast too. Afterwards we headed to the playground for some play in the sun and a picnic. If that wasn’t enough we headed to Chuck E Cheese’s to meet up with a friend.

Our original plans called for us to meet up with some Fort Hood peeps at BLORA. But at the last minute we were invited to attend and help set up for an event for another FRG, which my fabulous friend Trish heads. How could I say no?

The event was held at the Reunion Ranch here in Central Texas (http://reunionranch1.com/). I had no idea what a treat the ranch would be. The kiddos ran off to have fun, exploring a huge wooden playscape, ran through a maze, swam, paddleboat-ed, and more. Reunion Ranch was nonstop fun and I was happy to spend a few hours with some of my favorite people.

In the almost ten years that I’ve been a military spouse I have had the pleasure of meeting some pretty amazing people. Many of them I’ve had the honor of calling friend. Being a military spouse has unique challenges. It’s a culture all on it’s own. This lifestyle uproots you from place to place, forces you to say goodbye to wonderful friends, keeps you far away from home at times, and poses unique challenges to your marriage. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in  the world.

Regardless of the sacrifices, the hardships, the uniqueness of it all, I love my Army family. And I love, love, love the amazing women I’ve met as a result. They have encouraged me, lifted me up, advised me, laughed and cried with me, and have taught me some pretty amazing life lessons. When I look around me and find not a single family member nearby I only have to call one of my Army “sisters” for me to feel the warmth and support of family.

These women have understood the normality of the abnormal. They get me because in our own ways we’ve walked in each other’s shoes. They can mirror my own anxieties and fears, my very own feelings etched upon their faces. They have time and time again given voice to things I couldn’t explain myself. I am so grateful for those friendships and what they have meant for myself and my family.

Today was one of those days when I looked at some pretty amazing Army wives and felt at peace. Regardless of what tomorrow brings these women would stand behind me and support me, encourage me and lift me up. And in my own way, I hope I’ve done the same. I have so much to learn as I continue this amazing Army journey. I’m willing and ready to listen and learn.

So, to my amazing Army friends, I love you and admire you. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me, and my family. And for all that you’ll doubtless do in the future.