I count myself blessed to live in such a centrally located area. We’re about three hours from Dallas (that’s with my driving, I hear others take less), two and a half hours away from San Antonio, about an hour and a half from Austin, and a whole bunch of neat places in between.

For those who say there isn’t a whole lot to do here I say you may not be looking in the right places.

I absolutely love Waco. It was one of the first places we visited when we moved here. Of course, my only knowledge of Waco up to that point had been about the David Koresh fiasco. It’s a beautiful city that has a lot to offer both its residents and visitors.

One of our favorite places to visit has always been the Mayborn Museum Complex at Baylor University.

For those wondering, here is the quick link: http://www.baylor.edu/mayborn/

And an FYI, they are offering free first Sunday’s through the end of July, at least. Sunday’s they are only open 1pm to 5pm, but with Waco being less than an hour away, it’s a great day trip. Also, they have a temporary Egypt exhibit right now through September and the girl at the front assured me that the WHOLE museum is open that Sunday for free exploration!

So, this morning, after a quick stop at the Farmer’s Market at Miller’s Crossing in Harker Heights, and a lovely breakfast with friends at Poppa’s Cafe, the children and I headed off to Waco.

We arrived at the museum with about five hours before closing, enough time to explore the children’s museum part, but not enough to check out the rest of the complex. There are 16 rooms for exploration, including a water room, an energy room, a tea room, etc. You get the gist. It’s nonstop fun from beginning to end.

The kiddos were able to explore each room to their hearts content before moving on to the next one.

Before leaving we were able to quickly walk through some of the exhibits in the main halls. We wanted Marilyn to check out the Texas Caves exhibit and the Mammoth Site exhibit. Those are pretty cool and fun to explore.

After our amazing day at the museum we headed to Cameron Park. I will confess I have never ever been to Cameron Park. Shame on me, I’ve lived here forever. Usually when we come to Waco we spend the whole day at one site, usually the Zoo or the Museum. But today I wanted to make it a day trip and explore a new area of the city. Cameron Park seemed like a great idea because I knew they had a spray pad and a huge playground.

On our way to the park we passed the Waco Suspended bridge. I had to stop. If it’s one thing I learned from my Mom it’s that when you are out exploring and pass something neat a detour is a must! We stopped, checked out the bridge, and decided to picnic there before heading to the park.

We left this morning at 11 am and returned around 7pm. The ride back and forth was pretty easy and we had an amazing day full of fun, laughter, and learning.

In the midst of it all I was able to talk to Brooks for a while, for sure the best part of any day. And after speaking with him I felt such a sense of gratitude, for the sacrifices he’s made for us. For the fact that I can stay home with my son and teach him and guide him. For the fact that he’s patient and kind and an amazing husband and daddy. I don’t take any of it lightly, and I hope that each day we spend apart, that he sees that we honor his sacrifices by keeping at the forefront all that he does for us. That we keep busy and healthy and happy so that he can keep focused on his job and coming home to us. And that in all that we do, regardless of how busy we may keep, that we miss him and ache for him and patiently wait for his return.

Well, sometimes more patiently that others.

Life remains good, regardless of the circumstances.