I know I haven’t been a military spouse for long, we are close to hitting the ten year mark, but I’m sure some of you remember deployments where snail mail was the way to go for communication, and phone calls were so rare or sketchy that you carried your cell phone… and answered it anywhere.

I remember being in the middle of conversations and abruptly answering the cell with no explanation. Or even hanging up on someone with a quickly shouted, “It’s him!” Doctor’s appointments, church services, you get the gist, I answered the phone.

Fast forward eight years later and snail mail is appreciated but not necessary to keep in communication. Skype and yahoo messenger, along with a whole plethora of alternatives make communication a breeze, as long as the soldier has easy access to a good internet connection. And even then, it’ll cost you. I know we’re paying an arm and a leg so that Brooks can have decent internet connection, and it doesn’t always work.

Even today when Brooks calls I answer the phone wherever I am. I’m not as abrupt about it because if by chance the call doesn’t get answered in time I’m able to call him back.

But it hasn’t changed the fact that there are times when Brooks calls and we drop everything and place our day on hold. Little Brooks is so accustomed to it that when he knows I’m talking to Dad he keeps himself busy, and even if we were heading out the door, he’ll take off his shoes, put them up, and keep himself busy.

Today was one of those days. We had planned to spend a few hours by the pool after church this morning. We ran home to change into swim suits and for me to whip together some egg salad sandwiches to eat at the pool. And then Brooks called and our schedule suddenly became flexible. We spoke for quite a bit, so long that by the time we were finally off the phone the pool was a bygone conclusion.

But the day wasn’t over, by any means. This is where flexibility is key. I knew I wanted to get out and do something with the kiddos, especially since they had been looking forward to the pool. And so knowing that the Skate Palace in Killeen does Christian Night every Sunday night from 6pm to 8:30 for four bucks a person I loaded up the kiddos, picked up some more, and headed out for some skating fun.

Needless to say the kiddos had fun and I ran into someone I knew and met some new ladies. I call that a perfect night! I think the kiddos agree too!

For those in the area who might be interested in Skate Palace, here is the link: http://www.skatepalace.net/schedule.php

Beginning on June 14th they’ll be open from 1-4 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for 5 bucks per person. That includes the skate rental and does not include non-skating parents or guardians.

Maybe we’ll catch one of you out there soon!