My friend Tane had mentioned that she had found a raw milk dairy and thought it would be fun to make an afternoon of it. Loving Tane’s company and intrigued by the thought of visiting a dairy we met up our friend and headed to Georgetown.

We weren’t sure what to expect but knew that a tour was probably out. The owner was wonderful and answered all our questions and we were able to get some light shopping in. We’ve purchased raw milk before but it’s been years. Tane picked up two gallons and I picked up some cane syrup and honey peanut butter for baking.

Afterwards Tane treated us to a yummy dinner. We had a wonderful afternoon, and after a busy week of exploring and art and fun it’s nice to take a leisurely day in good company.

The easy pace of the afternoon somehow made the kiddos tired as they both settled down to bed after we came home.

For those wondering, here is a link to the dairy:

The proprietress mentioned that someone in Killeen is looking to trade off with pick ups. An FYI, they only take checks or cash. Along with raw milk, there was raw cheese, cheese making kits, live cultures, butter, grass fed beef, local honey, pork, and herbs.

For sure we’ll be back to load up on some of the items they carry. It’s a small store, but worth the trip if you’re looking for those particular items.

I know I can’t wait to get to baking tomorrow morning!