I try hard to keep my eyes and ears to the ground, so to speak, so that programs, events, seminars, and other such things, aimed at military personal and their families, don’t escape my radar.

Unfortunately, most of my info doesn’t come through my FRG anymore, but I’ve adapted and learned to pore over newspapers, flyers, and online postings. It’s amazing what a an enormous amount of info is passed from spouse to spouse.

One ofthe neat things I learned about from an online posting last year was the Blue Star Museum Initiative. From Memorial Day though early September active duty personal and their immediate family members, up to five, anyway, can visit an ever increasing number of art, history, science, nature, and children’s museums.

I love that!

For those interested google blue star museums. I am currently blogging from a hotel room and can’t plug in the web address but it is pretty easy to find.

What this means for my family is an ability to explore some pretty cool places in the Central Texas region, for free. And especially this weekend, in which we were able to explore the Austin Children’s Museum and the Austin Museum of Art, both for free.

I’m a bit of a planner. Before checking in to the hotel I had written a comprehensive list of free museums, off the blue star museum website, as well as adresses, hours open, and other neat sites to keep in mind.

So the wonderful thing was that today, after lunch, we were able to play for a few hours at the kids museum before walking a few blocks to check out a pretty cool art museum before walking a few more blocks to eat at The Melting Pot. We Capps off our night with a over the bridge view of the bats ascent into the sky and swimming at the pool at our hotel.

For sure it’s been a wonderful weekend, full of insightful info that can only improve and edify both my marriage and relationship with my son, as well as some pretty neat Austin downtown exploration. All in all, a perfect few days!