I’ll admit that I was pretty excited to have plans for Father’s Day. Brooksy has been feeling sad lately, missing his Daddy more than usual, as far as that goes. So keeping busy on a day meant to celebrate his Daddy was really important. For sure I didn’t want Little B getting stuck on that point.

So this morning, after finishing our Strong Bonds Family Retreat (which was a real treat) we met up with friends at BLORA for some fun boating and tubing on the lake. The nice thing was that my friend’s husband was with us and I know how much Brooks craves male attention sometimes so it was nice that even though his Daddy wasn’t home he was able to spend a few hours with his friend’s Dad. And boy did the kiddos have a blast! The time went by far too quickly for them, I know!

I enjoyed it as well but got quite motion sick! I think my migraine from this morning didn’t help matters!

Afterwards we met up with another friend and her daughter’s on the beach at BLORA for some sunbathing and dinner. The kiddos enjoyed swimming and making their “goo” babies.

So all in all, although we were Daddy-less today, we had a fantastic day. I am ever so grateful for the wonderful friendships we’ve forged and the richness they bring to our lives. When I am at my lowest I can always count on one of my friends to cheer me up.