Today was hectic, to say the least.

Poor Jay Jay. She hates being kenneled and she hates us leaving her and now the poor thing is, after a weekend away from us, peeing every which way but the yard. I spent a good deal of the morning cleaning up doggie urine while reciting in my head all the reasons I love her so much, the poor little thing.

After a few hours of cleaning, I wish I was exaggerating but I’m not, we ran a few errands and arrived at the practice field just in time for the start of Brooks’s baseball season. Sadly, practice started last week but I was told repeatedly by CYS that our team was starting today. Apparently, not so true. But that’s water under the bridge and I’m just glad we missed one week, not two.

I was a bit nervous for B because he hasn’t played baseball in about two years. He’s always been really, really good at the game, and has always enjoyed it but somehow we kept missing the sign up’s for it or he would ask to play soccer instead.

So here we were, at his first practice of the season, and Little B was cool as a cucumber. He kept reassuring me that he remembered all the stuff from last time and not to worry. He played super well, though he was rusty. When it was his turn at bat I figured he’d miss them all, after all we haven’t picked up a bat in two years. True story. Most of the kiddos had a hard time hitting the ball so I figured B would experience much of the same. As I slowly got off the bench in the dug out to position myself to take pictures for D.Brooks a cheer went up and a ball quickly made its way down the center of the field. In other words, I missed his first hit.

I had to laugh. Because it was pretty funny.

At the end of practice B gushed and gushed at how much fun he had and thanked me repeatedly for signing him up. I’m so thankful for his grateful heart and the joy he exudes!

I know Brooks would have been proud!