And yes, that is not a typo.

As in baseball season began yesterday.

And basketball season started today.

True story.

For those soldiers stationed at Fort Hood, not sure how it relays elsewhere, who deploys, their children get X amount of money for classes (like art, scuba, tae kwon do, etc) and X amount of money for sports. It’s one of those benefits that I don’t take for granted one bit and that I am extremely grateful for.

Needless to say, the X amount of money for sports has been spent for this deployment. As summer approached and I contemplated what sport to place Brooksy in I thought to myself, “Gee, it’s summer, I don’t work, why not sign him up for two?”

So I did. We signed him up for tennis, which he had never played, as well as baseball. If that wasn’t joy inducing enough I happened to stumble upon the fact that Killeen was offering summer basketball. Say it isn’t so!

And thus, The Boy found himself signed up for three sports, not including gymnastics, which I am sheepishly admitting to since I don’t count it so much since it’s only once a week and part of our normal routine.

Because we stay pretty busy and it’s summer break his sports schedule hasn’t gotten to us, yet. I’ll let everyone know if I change my status on that. What I do know is that my boy is so joyful and thankful and excited to be playing these sports. Brooks loves lots of things, high among them sketching, making things, being read to, going on field trips, creating crazy imaginative scenarios and then acting them out… you get the gist. And he truly loves sports, team or otherwise.

So today as we made our way to the gym for his first practice of the season, I could tell that Little B was brimming with excitement. He’s been practicing hard since basketball season ended and is feeling much more confident in his ability. I’m positive that while he’s out there his Daddy’s voice is in his head, coaching him along the way. As he ran out to the court to join his new teammates (the Red Raiders) he couldn’t help that his feet wanted to move and celebrate. In fact, as he stood there his feet shuffling in an attempt to dim their “music,” his face matched the mood of his feet, pure joy.

It’s been a long day. The kiddos had a play date with my amazing friend Dalia while I drove another dear friend into Austin for a flight. After picking up the kiddos we made it to tutoring followed by gymnastics. We made it home in time to grab some dinner before heading back out the door for basketball. I thought for sure he’d be exhausted. Not so much.

He had a blast, and although practice lasted almost two hours he worked hard and played really well. He would have made his Daddy proud. He had some sweet shots and played some crazy D.

For a second I was taken back to sitting on the bleachers of Dallastown, watching another Brooks play ball. Not once then did I consider that I’d be doing the same sometime in the future, watching a miniature version of his Daddy out there on the court. That realization was kind of bittersweet, for obvious reasons.

I am so thankful, that regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in, that My Boy appears to be adjusted, happy, joyful, grateful, and fearless. I love his zeal for life, his happiness, his energy.

Life remains good. True story.