After a few hectic days of running around doing stuff we aimed to have a low key, do nothing, pajama day. The kiddos took the concept to heart, slumbering deeply until eleven this morning.

Meanwhile, I took advantage of the sleepy children, and went outside to do some yard work. I love, love, love spending a few minutes outside watering my plants and sweeping off the patio, especially before it gets too hot. Lately I’ve been rushing through the whole thing, barely focused on watering the plants before running inside to make breakfast for the kiddos before we leave to go somewhere.

Because we’ve been out and about for the past few days I’ve had to put aside household projects. One that has been bugging me but that I was unable to get to was the small forest growing in the gutters along the street in front of our quarters. When my Momma came to help us set house way back in September she did a phenomenal job of ripping those suckers out, among a bazillion other things she did. And here they were staring me in the face and mocking me.

In my defense I had attempted to clean out the gutters the other day. But it was hot out and when I tried to pull a weed out, with both hands, mind you, I fell over and didn’t even injure the darn weed. True story.

I was feeling pretty smug as I sauntered to the front of the house this morning. Because I knew with all that rain that pulling those weeds was going to be a breeze. And it was.

The rest of the day passed in similar fashion, with me tackling household projects and taking breaks to spend time with the kiddos. Perhaps it doesn’t sound like I was enjoying a do nothing day, but those who know me well know that cleaning and organizing are my moments of peace. So in between detailing the car, repotting plants, the gutters, re-staining the patio furniture, and sewing dinner napkins I spent time with the kiddos. Brooksy and I played video games, we shot hoops, the kiddos helped me sew (and Brooksy snipped me by accident with a pair of scissors – it freaked him out more than me), we played a game of Monopoly, and we hit the street in front of the house with different wheeled vehicles. Bliss! Even Little B mentioned that today had been an amazing day. I think we all needed a stay at home day.

It occurred to me as I detailed the car that if the neighbors were keeping tabs on me today they might presume that Brooks was on his way home. It had me giggling. Usually Army wives have a bazillion things to get completed, that have been put off, before the guys come home. For sure that was the image I probably portrayed. I only wish that presumption were true! Sooner than later is my mantra, I’m sticking to it!

In between all that I baked and tried my hand at some new recipes. The kiddos even helped me bake a loaf of bread and sandwich rolls. Little B loves spending time with me in the kitchen. As OCD as I am, and that’s a self diagnosis mind you, I don’t mind the messes that come with having little ones in the house. Perhaps because in our house we have an expectation that as soon as one is done with an activity one cleans up. And The Boy is amazing at cleaning his room and playing with “one toy at a time.” Cooking follows the same thought process. That child is not the cleanest when it comes to cooking. But the joy he gets from our time in the kitchen is priceless. And he genuinely enjoys it. He’s gotten quite good at the breakfast thing and is great at following recipes for cookies, muffins, and cake. He’s even made a whole Indian meal, with some assistance from me, of course. His favorite cooking activity by far, though, is pretending to be the star of a cooking show. I’m always the assistant, who knows nothing about cooking, and he has to coach me the whole way. He cracks me up.

So we made bread. The kiddos had fun kneading the dough and watching it rise. I was worried the dough would be dense or horrible, since they were helping, but they worked hard not to overwork the dough and to measure everything just right. We ended up with some pretty amazing bread.

Tomorrow won’t be as relaxed as today. But I”m looking forward to it. There’s something about staying busy during a deployment that truly makes each day easier to bear.  I’m hoping at some point to squeeze in some art. I saw a pretty cool post on art inspired by Eric Carle that we have to try. I’m hoping to frame a piece for Brooksy’s room. And to send my Abuela a sample too. I think she might enjoy it as much as we do.

It’s going to be a good day!