I’ve pitched the alarm clock to the deepest, darkest recesses of my mind. It no longer exists… well, until school begins again, that is.

I like staying up late and not having to worry about timing my bedtime just right so I’m not a zombie the next day. I love being able to clean the house twice if I so choose, without having to rush through. I love the semblance of a schedule with all the laxity that summer brings.

So this morning, as light streamed through the window annoyingly and I tried to resist the urge to peek at the clock, I vaguely remembered that we had somewhere to be today. And then it hit me. 10 o’clock. Killeen Rec Center. Banjo Player. Picnic. Playground…

I sat up in bed and groaned. It was 9:20. I quickly calculated loosely that it might take us 15 minutes to make it on time. That left us with roughly 25 minutes to get out the door. And both kiddos were SNORING loudly.

I give myself credit for not panicking. I even browsed Facebook quickly. Then I went into Let’s-get-out-of-here-on-time mode. I quickly woke The Boy up, told him to bathe quickly and make his bed. Then I startled poor Marilyn out of her sleep and told her to brush her teeth and get dressed and make her bed (I’ve got the kiddos on alternating bath times). I watered the plants, fed the dogs, put them up, packed a cooler full of snacks/lunch/dinner items, and packed the car with the required sports equipment for the day, just in case. And of course I got dressed and ready myself.

I have to say, we are pretty consistent with discipline in this house. And I run a tight ship. I made That Child pick up his toys when he was crawling. I LOVE that as I worked on my Mommy Tasks the kiddos took care of their beds and other responsibilities. The Boy is tasked with checking all the doors before we leave. I never have to remind him. Marilyn always grabs my shoes for me and puts my pocketbook by the door. Brooks grabs my cell off the charger and always puts it in my bag. And then as they noticed the pile of items to place in the car they began to pile them in front of the car, since they are only allowed up to a certain point when we are leaving (i.e my line of vision). So needless to say, we made it on time!

The kiddos enjoyed The Banjo Player immensely. He was funny, to boot. Afterwards we hit the playground at the park for a picnic and some fun in the sun.

We went home to take care of Nervous Jay Jay and to do an art project. I had seen a post on celebrating Eric Carle’s birthday by creating art inspired by his amazing books, which we are huge fans of.

Here is one of my favorite blogs, with some Eric Carle inspiration: http://www.thechocolatemuffintree.com/2011/06/cloud-activities-and-little-cloud.html

Here is another blog : http://www.happylittlemesses.com/?p=405

We watched Eric Carle’s tutorials on his tissue paper painting, which is part of the process of the amazing art work in his books. Check out this site: http://www.eric-carle.com/slideshow_paint.html

The kiddos LOVED the tutorials and were eager to try their hand at it.

We focused on the process and being gentle with the paper. I tried to find thicker tissue paper to no avail, so they used regular gift wrapping quality tissue paper.

Here is some of their process. We are going to try our hand at this again tomorrow. The first try was great and the kiddos are super psyched to work with this again!

After art we checked out the Resiliency Campus’s golf putting green. Brooksy has two putters so both kiddos were able to spend some time playing and perfecting their golf game 😉

Afterwards it was the pool with friends for us,

followed by baseball practice,


and then shakes at the food court on post.

I call that a perfect day!