I’m seriously going on three hours of sleep a night, on average, these last few days.

If it wasn’t for the kiddos I’d spend a whole day in bed catching up on some much needed sleep. True story.

Because I know my better half is going to read this, let me start by saying that losing sleep is no biggie when I get to talk to you, Cipe. So please don’t avoid calling when I’m supposed to be sleeping…

There is something about deployments though that just mess up my sleep cycle. And I know I’m not the only one, as other spouses have relayed similar stories. I can’t bear to sleep in our bed when he’s gone. Most nights I curl up on the couch, wide awake.

Out of all the adjustments made during a deployment, this one I find the hardest. When Brooks is home I’m ready to crash at eight, to his great chagrin. And then when he’s gone I’m a complete night owl. It seems rather unfair. It is what it is.

So, I”m going to keep this post short. Because miracle of miracles I’m actually sleepy. I’m going to run with that feeling, while it lasts.

The kiddos kept me busy all day, just the way I like it.

We started off our morning with basketball practice, which apparently had been cancelled. It’s good to think quick on one’s toes: we hit the playground instead while the day was still cool then headed to the CAV museum on post for a picnic and stroll around the grounds.

Afterwards I took the kiddos skating. I love that Brooks wants to get out and move. As much as he loves his video games he’s quick to put them down so that he can play pretend or sketch pictures or play with me. So this morning as we were  contemplating all the things we could do Brooksy chirped that skating would be real nice. Marilyn was excited with the idea as well, so we went.

We came home and repotted some plants, Brooksy helped me make dinner and then we sat down to watch a movie with some soft sugar cookies we made. I began to nod off twice during the movie but BB was very keen on making sure I didn’t miss a single scene in the movie. He even rewinded each time he thought I’d dozed off for a bit.

Oh, sugar.

I’m going to try sleeping in our bed tonight, one of his shirts neatly clenched in my grip. If I can figure out how to mange it I’m going to try and play that ocean waves thing he put on the iphone for me who knows when. Maybe that’ll do the trick. If not, I’ll be sure to at least have a good cry. Those are good every now and then. I’m just saying 😉