What the body needs, the body wants. I think I’ve heard that somewhere. And what I wanted most today was some good sleep. Falling asleep last night was easier than I thought it would be.

After some much needed rest we enjoyed pancakes on the patio. Eating outside is one of our favorite things to do. Unfortunately it’s summer in Central Texas and most people try to limit their outdoor activities to either early morning or late evening due to the crazy heat.

After breakfast we declared it a Do-Nothing-Day.  I was envisioning a few cat naps, some good cooking, and a good book. My kind of day. The kiddos made their own plans. They concocted some intricate make-believe games, ran around rearranging and arranging furniture, blankets, and pillows, and danced with the Wii.

Sometimes we just need a day to stay home and relax. Today was perfect in that regard. I envision waking up tomorrow, full of energy, ready to tackle the day.

As a side note, we did make Paula Deen’s ridiculously delicious bread pudding. Anything Paula Deen seems entail lots of fat and bad for you stuff. I supposed that’s why it’s so darn tasty. We hadn’t finished our homemade bread from midweek so we decided bread pudding would be a good way to use up the rest. I’m not sure that the fact that we used Sue’s amazing flour or Heidi’s farm fresh eggs did much to make me feel better about the fact that we were using 3 whole cups of sugar, a good amount of butter, and five whole eggs.

But then when we ate it, I chose to ignore it. It was good. Here’s the recipe, if anyone wants it: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/the-best-bread-pudding-recipe/index.html


Bree, I promise to bake you some when we see you, sooner than later!