Brooksy and I woke up bright and early to work on his basketball and baseball before the day got too warm. Typically we work on his basketball in the morning or late evening but just recently added baseball to his routine. This entails a lot of research on my end, lots of googling, lots of YouTube videos, etc.

I never participated in sports as a child so I have no clue about what to do to help Little B excel in his sports. He plays much better when Dad is around. True story. But then again, Brooks knows exactly what to teach him and does so in a manner that Little B just responds to.

This morning, working with him, I felt a deep sadness for all these little moments that Brooks misses, and we, in turn, as well. It’s crazy how you’ll be going about your day and all of a sudden something will dawn on you, the gravity of the situation, and it will leave me engulfed in grief and sadness.

After an hour of practice we came in and worked on some art before heading into Cove for tutoring and gymnastics. We are working on Fourth of July crafts and art this week and began the groundwork for creating stars to hang up for the holiday. I was a bit bummed I couldn’t find my blue dot pen/marker thing, but we’ll make it work.

Here is the link, for those interested. We adapted it for the Fourth 🙂 :

They should turn out well!