And yes, I’m aware that sciency isn’t really a word.

I just thought it sounded rather nice.

I had planned on taking the kiddos to see Lucas Miller, the Singing Zoologist at the Harker Heights Library this morning. Brooks has seen him perform before, a few times now, and loves him. So after an easy peasy morning we headed out to catch the show.

Here is Lucas Miller’s website:



The kiddos had a blast and Little B loved the last song where the kiddos were able to get up and dance. Afterwards we ate a quick snack before headed out to run a few errands.

One of my fellow homeschoolers had posted a link to homemade ice cream and it got me thinking that since today we had no sports on our schedule staying home and playing and doing some science related activities might be a blast.

After lunch we sat down and made the ice cream and learned about what happens to the ice and why. The recipe we followed was delicious and came out creamy and had a wonderful texture. We’re going to repeat this later this summer, it was that good!

Here is the link, if interested:

After some free play, which involves the kiddos choosing activities for themselves that do not include the television in any way, shape, or form we pulled out the spin art machine to make some spin art using markers. This is definitely one of my go to activities  because it’s so simple and The Boy enjoys it so much.

Brooks still had piles and piles of paper laying around from yesterday’s cutting paper fiasco and after a few spin art turns left to cut more paper into different designs. He was designing some to be some type of flying fighting contraptions and before long he had every surface in the house covered with finished pieces or tiny scraps of paper.

After baking rolls we tackled two more sciency (there’s that word again ; ) activities: seperating the dyes in markers and blowing up a balloon through the use of vinegar and baking soda.

Brooks has done this balloon thing with me before, but it’s been a while. Here are some photos of our take on it:

And the Artful Parent’s take on it as well can be found here:



We used a glass bottle and filled it about a fourth full of vinegar. We stretched out a balloon manually before filling it with three tablespoons of baking soda with a funnel. Then we attached the balloon to the bottle and let the baking soda fall into the bottom of the glass. Right away a reaction occurred and the balloon expanded. Brooksy was super excited at how quickly it happened.

Then for good measure he wanted to see what would happen if we tipped the bottle upside down. Nothing. Then he asked me to take off the balloon, at which point all the vinegar and baking soda went everywhere. That sent the kids into peals of laughter. It was rather funny.

After that messy science fun we tackled separating the dyes from the colors in markers.

Here is a link for that activity:

We had fun with this one as well, though BB ended up playing with the strips of paper towels more than anything. After letting them sit out a while you could see distinct colors on the strips, which was pretty neat.

We were hoping to make glow in the dark water but alas, we don’t own a black light so that experiment won’t happen anytime soon. Kind of a bummer as we were hoping to use the bottles in our nerf gun war game tonight when it gets dark. Perhaps another day 😉