After five weeks of summer I’m ready to call it quits. We’re all summer vacationed out, and if truth be told, I miss our old schedule, the comfort of set times and activities, the daily lessons. Perhaps it’s because the last year was so interspersed with breaks that I feel it’s just time for us to start up again. For sure we had a break after our move on post and then again after Daddy Brooks left, and then yet again after my foot surgery. So it’s just time.

And our summer has been filled with so much fun. We’ve languished at home the last few days soaking up the last remnants of a nonscheduled day before plunging headlong into the variable rigidity of our school calendar.

Even Little B seems excited at the prospect. In his defense he understands quite well that we can knock out school in the morning and have plenty of time for fun in the early afternoon and evening.

Did I mention before how much I love homeschooling my little one? I surely feel blessed at the opportunity to do so for another year. Thanks, D.Brooks 😉

So today we took time for some down time. After an unhurried morning of play and lots and lots of talking (I’m not sure where That Boy gets that trait from… hmm 😉 ) we sat down and created an island on paper. If it’s one thing Little B enjoys more than talking, it’s talking about imagined things, especially creatures, lands, time periods, etc. We were drawing and discussing and creating for two whole hours. He doesn’t tire of it easily and it’s interesting to see where his mind goes. It’s moments such as these, watching him go on and on about some little thing he’s conjured in his mind’s eye, that I am filled with awe at the young man he is surely becoming.

I finished reading, finally, a book a friend lent me eons ago. Well, possibly not eons, but long enough ago that it’s a miracle she hasn’t asked for her books back. The Thirteenth Tale had me riveted after I trudged through the first chapter.

The Boy and I put together the kiddos Red, White, and Blue necklaces and hung up the kiddos flag prints. We even made some cute bracelets for the Fourth. We might try our hand at hats this weekend. We’ll see!

Marilyn and I spent some one on one time in the yard potting a few new plants. She’s such an eager helper and so excited to try new things. Her excitement is contagious!

All in all, it was a good day.