It’s hard for me to be sick when Brooks isn’t around.  For one, I have no one to whine to or complain to; bemoaning my current state is pointless and that’s one of the perks, in my book, of being sick. And secondly, I have no one to help parent Little B when I’m sick. Thankfully, Little B is quite independent and dotes on me, so although I can’t take care of him he does pretty well taking care of himself. It always leaves me feeling like a crummy Mommy though, when the tables are turned and Little B is the one bringing me ice or vitamins/ medicine, taking my temperature and reminding me to take plenty of fluids.

The crummiest part is that we were planning a day at BLORA followed by movies on post. I’ve spent most of the day on the couch, not that I wanted to. Big Brooks has a point though, if I’m not feeling well tomorrow because I pushed myself today then no Fourth of July for us. And that would be sad all around. As much as I dislike a sick day because of my lack of interaction with My Boy, two concurrent days would be rather depressing.

Here’s to hoping all the C and garlic and bed rest sees me feeling all kinds of well tomorrow.