I’m slowly gearing up for a new school year. And I’m excited as this time last year I was lamenting the fact that our homeschooling days were extremely limited. With the go ahead from Brooks I’ve been slowly looking over new curriculum, searching the internet for ideas/reviews, and trying to make sense of our homeschool supplies.

It’s not an easy task to pinpoint our curriculum for the year. Some homeschoolers go the way of whole curriculum sets, some go my method; a hodge podge of different curriculums depending on the subject. So far I’ve been pleased with the materials we’ve purchased but with I feel like this year will be a turning point for us and it’s got me all kinds of anxious about picking really stellar materials.

The thing is Brooks is supposed to be in third grade. That’s typically the answer I give people when they question what grade he’s in. Because it’s truly hard to pinpoint that when he’s working above grade level for most of his subjects. So it makes it hard to purchse a whole curriculum either way, because he’s in different places with different subjects. And to complicate things a bit more our Math curriculum looks different than what I’m used to.

But that’s neither here nor there because before I can fill my shelves with bright and shiny “new” materials (I tend to buy used) I need to finally begin pairing down my materials that I’ve been holding on to for years thinking that they’re be more little Julius’s running around here. I’m starting to slowly walk away from that whole idea, though I’m of the mindset that when I really and truly wrap my mind around it things will change 😉

So today I began shifting through materials, taking stock of what should stay, what is no longer needed or used, etc. I’m excited to begin shortly a new year of learning and exploring, of field trips and experiments, discovery and amusement. I truly love homeschooling and can’t wait to see what this school year brings.

On another note, The Boy is joyfully spending the night at his best buddy’s house. I picked him up this afternoon to take him to his basketball game before taking him back. After a whole day of not having him home I was glad for the opportunity to see him.




Brooksy played super well. He’s one joyful kid, constantly laughing and messing with those around him. He was no different on the court. His antics had everyone in hysterics, especially his reactions to playing well, when points were scored, and when he played some crazy D. And the dancing!  His dancing feet crack me up. It’s like the joy inside him can’t be contained and it comes out in some crazy dancing feet. Love it!

For those interested, the Red Raiders won their first game of the season: 13 to 25.