Yes, Christmas.

A few weeks ago a friend approached me wanting to know if I wanted to make homemade vanilla for friends and family for Christmas. For some reason I have lucked out the past few years in that a friend of mine inherently wants to make homemade Christmas presents with me. I’m game for that, and seeing as how my consumption of vanilla is rather ridiculous, with the amount of baking that occurs in this house, I said yes.

I was a tad bit worried that homemade vanilla making was going to be terribly difficult and time consuming. It was neither, but for those of you who are destined to be recipients of said homemade vanilla, keep in mind it was a labor of love. And preplanning bliss.

I’m super excited that in a few months I’ll be able to begin baking with the milli vanilli. And even more so that in the hustle and bustle of the holidays my Christmas shopping is already done. Well, for friends and relatives at least. Who doesn’t like vanilla?

As far as the rest of our day, The Boy is still at his best buddie’s house. I am just thankful that when I dropped off his Blue he ran up to me and gave me an amazing long hug and smothered me in kisses. I miss That Boy.

And I was excited to get out to see a movie with a friend; which in hindsight, sans children, I have not done since college. Not counting Big Brooks of course. Highlight of the day 😉

It was a good day indeed.