JayJay’s lymphoma diagnosis threw us off about a week behind school planning. I’m really, really committed to starting up in mid July, mostly because Brooks is coming home soon and I foresee homeschooling going by the wayside. That is one of the perks of homeschooling for this military family: when Daddy is home we can take a break from our schedule and spend some much needed, much loved, much sought after time together.

As thankful as I am to be homeschooling this year I’m also on the fence curriculum wise. Last year was a breeze; I simply went with the previous years publishers for all his subjects and we were good to go. This year, and now I’m knocking my head against the wall, mind you, I’ve decided to see if there are better options out there for my little love bug. It’s crazy, but as much as I know that he’s learning more here at home I’m always striving to get more schooling in, to do more hands on activities, to expose him to more subjects/concepts/ideas. A bit of a perfectionist, perhaps. A little in need of toning it down, perhaps. But I’m so very thankful that I have the ability to choose what my boy is going to learn.

So I spent much of the day poring through websites, reading books and reviews, etc. I even put a slight dent in our school supplies. At this rate it might be two weeks before we begin school officially but we’ll probably tackle school on some level beginning next week. I can’t wait to see what the current school year will hold, the things The Boy will learn, the places we’ll visit, the new friends we’ll make.

It’ll all be worth a week of crazy curriculum building/searching/planning. I just know it.