I continued on my quest to clean out all the curriculum and supplies we are no longer using. It’s getting a little easier. And the best part is that while going through materials I’m continually reminded of those early homeschooling days. I remember working with a year old Little Brooks. Yup, we started early. Back then I used to call what we did circle time and most of what we worked on were motor skills, finger plays, etc.

Homeschool has definitely evolved in this household. I can’t wait to begin working with our new curriculum. Hurry on, Mr. Postman!

Beyond the craziness of going through every single item that is school related, today is Tuesday. And our Tuesdays are notoriously busy, busy days. Between Spanish tutoring, gymnastics, and The Boy’s baseball and tennis we stay on the go. I lamented the fact that we weren’t able to stop by the duck pond at the CTC on they way home today. There is always next week, I suppose.

Our basketball schedule has been insane. Our practices are not on some kind of set schedule so it’s hard to plan for them. So The Boy had to skip baseball and tennis since BBall practice coincided with both (Brooks hates that I call it that, by the way). And I was worried about missing today’s practice because Brooks’s coach has repeatedly reminded the team moms that his birthday is next week. I suppose that’s big time hinting that he wants us to recognize his special day. He’s so wonderful with the kids and Brooks has repeatedly said that he’s his best coach ever so we thought it would be nice to get him a frame for the kiddos to sign with a team pic.

Sadly, the photo came out kind of blurry, but it will make do. A nice frame photo with a card and enough cupcakes for everyone should round out a nice birthday acknowledgement.