How can it possibly be Wednesday already? I don’t know about the rest of you but time sure is slipping us by.

For the record, I am still happily making my way through piles and piles of homeschool material. Piles of it! In fact, there are piles and piles of material in the dining room and office. And yes, I’m going to sleep with a somewhat tidy mess in my house. I may not sleep well, but sleep I will.

Brooks had invited his best friend for an extended sleepover. Tomorrow his other good friend joins us. The Boy is beside himself with excitement. He has missed his friends sorely and surely feels he doesn’t spend enough time with them.

So we spent most of the day seperately: the kiddos keeping busy while I emptied out all the homeschool stuff all from their containers, shelves, etc. Brooksy helped me make dinner: a delicious blueberry coffee crumb cake. Baking is too easy and I didn’t feel like fussing in the kitchen. Brooks thought it was unbelievable we were eating dessert for dinner.

Here is the link to that bad boy:

Jason made it over just in time for our dessert dinner. He was pretty thrilled too.

After the boys played for a while I informed them that we would be hosting a Sleepover Tournament. Since Jason is here for several days I thought it would be fun to hold a tournament over the few days he’s here. Events will include activities, games, or competitions. We’ll keep tab on who’s leading on a scoreboard and at the end of the weekend declare one of the boys the Tournament Champ, with bragging rights and a homemade trophy to boot. The boys were all for this tournament. They whooped and hollered and ran around screaming. Their only request was that we redo the Tournament at another time so that the loser can redeem himself. Sounds fair to me!

So after the boys had some time to play to their hearts content I took them outside for a game of Driveway Baseball, which we played in the backyard.

Here is the link to the game:


I drew a baseball diamond and set up certain areas as single, double, triple, or homeruns. The boys chose rocks and took turns “at bat.” It was a pretty fun game, super simple to set up, and perfect for late evening right before the sun sets and the Texas unbearable heat has mostly dissipated.

After our rousing game of Driveway Baseball, in which BB narrowly won, we came inside to partake in some fun art. I set up the table for pool noodle printing. Printing is my favorite art process. I LOVE it. The kiddos always get a blast out of it and the kiddos thought it was cool that they were able to use small pieces of the noodles to make some cool art pieces.

Here is the link to that:


Now the boys are sitting on Big Brooks chair watching a movie and continually commenting on everything they see. They are surely two peas in a pod!