Have I mentioned before how much I love it when The Boy has friends spend the night? In general I love the sound of kiddos running around the house, squeals of laughter, and various voices intermingling all at once. If I could have had five kiddos I would have gladly loved the heck out of each one of them, and been amazed at my sheer luck. Alas, that’s not our lot in life, but we have been blessed with one amazing Brooks, and his friends are pretty neat too ūüėČ

After waiting impatiently for Jason to get dropped off yesterday, the boys waited just as impatiently for Lane to arrive mid morning. We jumped in the car and immediately headed out to check out an NFL player meet and greet three minutes from our house. Lane has been playing football for several seasons now and we just knew he would be tickled pink by this event.

The meet and greet was pretty neat. Three players, all local to the area, had nuggets of wisdom to impart on the teens and kiddos in the audience. And we got to see our mayor again. I swear, Little B would be able to pick him out of a crowd. He’s in attendance at a lot of events we go to.

The boys were mildly¬†disappointed¬†that the players wouldn’t sign their caps. B was wearing a Penn State cap (go, Nittany Lions!) and Lane was wearing some other school hat, I wouldn’t know the difference if it was spelled out for me. But they did get autographs nontheless and have worked hard to keep their autographs clean and neat. They swear they’ll be worth millions someday, even after I gave them a quick lesson in why that probably wouldn’t happen. But that’s what kiddos do best, right? Dream big, expect the best? I love that either way you slice it!

After the meet and greet with met up with a friend at a pool down the road. The kiddos played to their hearts content before heading out to get blizzards at DQ and then zipping across town to Cove to partake in some lazer tag. The kiddos had the whole arena to themselves. How much fun is that? I love how sweaty and breathless they come out, big grins on their faces, everyone talking at once to tell me little things that transpired while I watched them through the too small window outside.

That should have been enough fun for one day except that Lane had a free coupon to Chuck E Cheese. You can’t beat a free pizza, four drinks, and tokens. Free is my kind of fun! Amazingly those boys made their tokens last forever. We were there for three and half hours! I swear it’s a time warp in there. I can sit and watch them play for hours. Love it!

From there we rushed to the store to pick up baking soda and vinegar. Since HEB was close by we swung by there. Did you all know you can buy baking soda in a HUGE container for two bucks?! And that you can similarly purchase vinegar in an insanely huge jug?! I bought them both, a huge smile on my face, knowing that for once, I didn’t have to be all economical with the baking soda or vinegar. See, I had seen a post on a blog this morning about painting with a¬†concoction¬†of tempera paint, vinegar, baking soda and a baggie.

Here is the link for those interested: http://shareandremember.blogspot.com/2011/07/pop-paintings.html

First and foremost, everyone needs to try this. Too much fun! Need I say more? I am big on playing with my kiddo. I like to squeeze in a game, an activity, and an art project each day. Reading is a must. And if we can get some baking or cooking in together as well, well… I’m just in heaven. ¬†When B has friends spend the night they inadvertently want to know what we are going to be doing. I wanted to do an art project and activity or game with the kiddos but we came home at 830pm! But they seemed so¬†disappointed¬†to miss out on the Pop Paintings that I caved and we ran out like nuts to get this done as quickly as possible.

We used the Splat Ball painting as our canvas. B was sad to see it go in such a manner but i assured him we’d make a new one. The boys each took a sandwich baggie, placed paint in the bottom, filled the baggie about 1/3 full of vinegar and then shook the baggie to get the color to mix. Then each child took a square of toilet paper and filled it full of baking soda. They picked it up like a stork would pick up a newborn baby and dropped that sucker into the baggie, quickly closing it shut. Immediately the baggies began to fill with gas at which point the kiddos would place the baggies on the canvas to watch it explode everywhere! There were so many squeals and shrieks and laughter! Oh the laughter. The kids each took several turns with this project, it was that much fun. Then when it was too dark to continue I let them mess with the gooey green mess on the floor. That of course led to a huge water baggie balloon fight, which then escalated to a water hose fight as well. The gallon size baggies appeared out of nowhere and soon we were all soaked and breathless from the nonstop laughter.

Repeat activity? Me thinks yes!

And now, after stuffing themselves with leftover coffee cake and ice cream sundaes the kiddos are happily vegged out in front of the TV playing video games and having fun.

The only thing that would have made today absolutely perfect would have been to have held my beau’s hand in the midst of all the merriment and joy. I miss that man so much. Life is just sweeter with my best friend by my side.

Soon enough!