I’m exhausted. The bad thing about feeling tired is that I don’t allow myself to wallow in it. Laying in bed or on the couch are not acceptable alternatives to actively parenting. Of course, if Brooks were here I’d do a little tag team action and yell mercy! It’s really the lack of sleep, coupled with three very energetic boys, two dogs, and a horrible self diagnosed OCD (I’m a bit of a clean freak, to put it mildly – as in, it’s therapeutic for me).

So thankfully, since I fell asleep so late, the boys slept in this morning. I was able to put a huge dent in the craziness that is my homeschool planning and organizing quest. My dining room is clean and free of clutter. The hallway and office are another matter, but I digress.

The thing about deployments is that the household is run slightly different when Brooks isn’t here. Not much: most of the difference is in the fact that there is less laundry and we eat leftovers more often. But the mess that was the dining room and the office these last few days… that would never have occurred if Brooks were merely working a few blocks away. I would have painstakenly worked on the homeschool stuff bit by bit and it would have stressed me to no end. True story. Why drive myself insane when my beau is around, you may ask. I chalk it up to love. And my OCDishness.

By Monday we’ll be ready to start school again. I’m super excited for another school year. The Boy, perhaps not so much.

So today the kiddos and I played hard, laughed often, and talked a whole lot. I love having long drawn out conversations with my boy, but am always amazed at how much his friends open up to me, how they want to share every little thing they’ve done, and how they try hard to impress me with their antics. It’s pretty cute.

For those wondering, we did partake in some Sleepover Tournament play. We played some crazy rounds of Ping Pong Basketball. Seriously, this game reminded me too much of the college version, replete with beer, so I had to shake off the heebie jeebies, but the kiddos LOVED this game so much that we all took turns playing against each other several times.




Lane won hands down. He had several crazy shots that were so beautiful it had us all hollering from the sheer amazingness of it all.

The boys did a lot of sword playing, army men fort building, and outside play. After all that I thought for sure they would be too exhausted to go anywhere but they were all for going to BLORA, so off we went. It was 106 degrees today. I’d like to say that’s crazy hot but then I feel awful because I know Big Brooks deals with much hotter temps, with crazy amounts of gear and long sleeved clothing. I thought we’d go and play for an hour or so but after going down the slides for what seemed like forever the kiddos asked to hit the beach. They are still enthralled with making their goo babies and the water was so nice that we spent a good deal of time swimming. Of course at one point I had three boys hanging off of me, whilst I had water up to my ears.. and that may have been my highlight of the whole day.

I was sure glad to get home, and even happier that I had made enough chili to feed the kiddos the same meal twice in a day, and even happier to see a clean home, sans the office and hallway, of course.

And now the boys are patiently waiting for me to get off the computer so that we can do a crazy, free for all, nerf war.

I am one lucky girl.