I’m going to keep this post short.

For one, I’m thirty years old. With a not so perfect heart. Who has just barely kept up with three very high energy, fun loving, non-stop, don’t need sleep boys.

I’m tired.

But I think that’s an understatement. Truly it is.

I’ve been yawning steadily since eleven am. Which, coincidentally, was when the little tykes woke up.

Brooks was sad to see his friends go. And really and truly so was I. Except that I was so worn down from lack of sleep and continual running around that I was kind of glad too. Because I was ready to yell, “Mercy!” in a second.

Did I mention that boys eat a lot of food as well, and so we had to make a run to the commissary. It’s not my favorite thing in the best of times but much less so when I’m exhausted.

So, although we had a lovely day, this tired momma is heading to bed.

I should have been there two hours ago.