And no, I’m not pregnant.

I thought I’d clear the air for those of you who are silly enough to think so. Goodness, by now I’d be six months along at least. I’m just saying!

We found out today that Brooks may be coming to visit a bit sooner than we thought. For the record, the past few days I’ve been sick to my stomach thinking about the fact that sooner than later we’d be making the drive to the airport to pick him up. I don’t know about other Army wives, I can only speak for myself, but the thought of seeing Brooks again always upsets my tummy.

I literally feel like I’m going to puke.

Isn’t love grand?

Those perpetual butterflies in my stomach go into full throttle mode when the separation has been as long as this one. Typically it’s a slight flutter that makes me catch my breath at the mere sight of him. My palms get sweaty, I get lightheaded, and as I said, I feel like I’ll retch at any moment.

Will he still find me pretty? Will he hate my outfit (the outfit I purchase for the sole purpose of picking him up at the airport)? And of course I know the rationale answers to those questions but still I can’t help but get all excited and nervous about the whole thing.

I’m extremely thankful that we’re starting school early because at least it’ll keep me busy until Brooks gets here. I wish I had a ginormous list of things to get done before he gets here but other than planning for healthy meals and making a list of activities/outings/etc for us to keep handy in case we fancy those things I don’t have a whole lot on my plate.

I guess I can plan to catch up on sleep since I won’t get much when he’s home.

And I suppose I can try to keep super busy so that I keep those butterflies from getting too excited.

Or I can enjoy the side effects of being madly in love. Embrace it, per se.

I’ll probably do a little of all of the above.