With Brooks’s leave quickly approaching my attention has quickly turned to preparing for two weeks of fun and very little sleep. At the rate I’m going now, I’ll be a pro at the little sleep thing by the time he gets here.

So today, between homeschool stuff, a friend’s visit, and preparing for Little B’s basketball coach’s birthday, I began focusing on two blissful weeks of leave (after I get over my horrid case of nerves). Between the usual preparations, for example, purchasing coffee, since it’s never consumed when he’s not home, I began looking ahead to planning for fun activities and outings.

Scheduling things into a calendar just doesn’t work for us. Brooks likes to be spontaneous and we hate to be tied down by plans. But I thought it would be cool to fill a jar with ideas of places we can visit, explore, and experience so that when we feel the pressing need to get out and do something the planning part of the whole thing will already be taken care of. See, I want to spend as much time as possible gazing into my beau’s eyes. Slightly sickening?  Perhaps, but this girl is completely smitten and I refuse to waste one second on things I can take care of before he arrives.

I also got to thinking that it would be smart to cook two or three meals or items before Brooks gets here so that they can be frozen and reheated as necessary when he gets here. The last thing I want to do when Brooks comes home is spend prolonged periods of time in the kitchen right off the bat. Why I didn’t think of this the last four deployments is beyond me, but then again, I think most RandR’s we aren’t home, but visiting family. I’m also going to make some cold dishes that can be quickly snacked on, and fill the pantry with yummy and nutritious snacks.

In fact, if anyone has some great recipes to pass along, please let me know!

On a side note, we baked up a batch of mini red velvet cupcakes for Brooks’s basketball coach who had repeatedly reminded us about his special day. He had mentioned last week that he has diabetes so I thought the mini cupcakes would make more sense, and I subbed Splenda for the sugar. Brooksy also made his coach a birthday card using the suminagashi method of marbling paper. We put together a frame with a picture of the team and each team member signed the mat with his name and t-shirt number. The coach was pretty pleased and I have to say, he’s been such a good coach, I think he deserved some recognition on his special day.

As for the Red Raiders, they lost, and badly today. Some of the kiddos took it hard. Brooks was upbeat and his usual cheerful self, playful on the court, and all smiles afterwards. I’m glad he was able to have fun, regardless of the score. I know the kiddo will work harder to win next week, but I’m proud that they didn’t give up and tried their best the whole game.

We’ll see how Wednesday goes.