Tuesdays are insane over here lately. Between my Spanish tutoring students, Brooks’s gymnastics, baseball, and tennis it’s just plain super busy. Busy days are stress-less when you plan for them. I’m a bit of a planner. Knowing that dinner is pretty much not doable with such a short time span between the end of gymnastics and the beginning of baseball practice I try to plan for a big meal for lunch, one which can be easily eaten later for dinner (leftovers are AMAZING!).

So this morning, after morning chores and while the kiddos still snored and slept blissfully, I cooked up a big ol’ pot of rice and a chicken and pigeon pea recipe from Trinidad. For the record I never ever make rice in this house. It just has never worked for me. I started thinking that perhaps I was just fussing with it too much so I decided to tackle this recipe like most, throw it together and let it do it’s thing. The kiddos loved their lunch and BB, my rice snob, raved about it. Score one for Momma.

After tutoring and gymnastics we came home ready to eat a quick dinner, dabble quickly in some art, and rush off to baseball. But my heart just wasn’t in it. So we stayed in. I had gotten a huge delivery of homeschool curriculum and was so engrossed I just didn’t want to leave. And the kiddos had taken all the packaging material and were making homes out of the boxes and other art supplies they pilfered from the office.

So we stayed in. The kiddos played with those packaging supplies for over 90 minutes. They were so excited that they spearheaded their own art project. I was pretty pleased too. We also played some board games, went outside to ride bikes/scooters, played in the sprinklers, and played a super fun game of Kick the Disc.

Here’s the link for the game: http://familyfun.go.com/playtime/kick-the-disk-706970/

I’m going to be blissfully asleep in less than thirty minutes.

A perfect ending to a perfect day.

On a side note, I’m scheduled to take a bread baking class with a fellow homeschooler next week. I am ridiculously excited, since I’ve self taught myself, mostly through trial and error. It’s fun to do something nice just for me. Of course, the something nice is baking but that’s right down my alley, right on the same shelf as cleaning (super relaxing!).

And Brooksy might begin taking horse riding lessons with her as well. I have to discuss it with the Mister. 🙂

Have I mentioned I love homeschooling?!