We were treated today to a get together with some friends from Campfire. The kiddos were able to play at the playground (how they play and play and play in 100 degree weather with no shade, is beside me) and the free splash pad at Long Branch Park for about three hours while this Momma caught up with a friend. The kids played alternated between the playground and splash pad, which probably helped them keep cool.

After a nice afternoon outside we came home and worked on Brooks’s cardboard box creations. No art today please, Mom, he said. I couldn’t argue with him and seeing the things he was making was pretty neat. I love it when our art projects are self directed by him. His creativity is contagious, to say the least.

I’m still muddling my way though new homeschool curriculum. I’m excited at all the subjects we’ll be able to cover this year. We’re taking a different approach with music this year, focusing on orchestras, composers, etc. And, since little B is obsessed with his recorded I thought it would be fun to teach him to read music as well as the different notes on his recorder. That particular book came in today and he was able to master two notes after a few minutes of practice.

Although we had a basketball game on Monday they had another one today, with nothing scheduled for our team until early August. Hopefully Daddy Brooks will be here by then so that he can watch the smallest Brooks play. The Red Raiders worked much better as a team today and were able to win 22 to 7.  The kiddos were pretty excited and Little B was just plain exhausted.

Exhaustion to me points to an active, fun filled day. I’ll take those kind of days over the alternate any day.