Brooks and I have become accustomed to living far away from family. Although it has become the norm for us, one of the downsides of military service, per se, it doesn’t get any easier. It’s nice that my brother has been in TX with his family the past few years. When I get the hankering to hug a beloved relatives neck I don’t have very far to go. And I love, especially, the relationship that Little B is developing with his cousins. Regardless of the distance I am quite lucky that my family is able to make the treck to see us a few times a year. And even with that from time to time I just need my family fix, to see the people who know my history and story intimately, who light up when they see us approaching their doorstep, who are eager to spend special days and regular ol’ days creating memories for a lifetime.

To say today was refreshing and theurepetic is an understatement. It has been pure bliss to catch up face to face, to hear the excited cousins playing, to spend time in the kitchen making food that feeds the soul and the body, and to feel like I’ve arrived home, though I’m far from it.

A good day indeed!