Tuesdays are our busy days. Yet, somehow, they are some of our most enjoyable. Brooks always looks forward to spending time with some of his friends at tutoring and then later at gymnastics. And I truly enjoy teaching my Spanish students and chatting with fellow homeschooling moms while B tumbles and does his thing in his class.

The key to crazy busy days is planning ahead. Always. Call me OCDish, but I cannot leave my house in shambles. That’s what I call my house when it’s messy, in my head at least : Shambles, with a capital S! Who likes coming home to a mess after spending an afternoon away? Not I.

Brooks is huge in my planning ahead. He helps with chores, keeps the house tidy and clean, minds the dogs, and runs “errands” for me (ie. bring me trash bags, hold this for a second, put these towels away… and the list goes on). For those of you who may feel slightly sorry for him, please don’t. The child is spoiled with love and attention. And, he’s been cleaning up since he could crawl. Good memories!

So in my preplanning phase, I baked muffins for snack (since the kiddos are always hungry on the car ride home), prepared rice for our rice/sweet chard/mushroom with egg on top dinner concoction, and had our homeschooling ready to go early in the morning.

Homeschool was a breeze. Brooks was ready to learn and stayed focused throughout the morning’s lessons. He knew with it being Tuesday, that if he wanted Free Play, he needed to stay on task. We were even able to squeeze in some fun art before heading out for tutoring.

I typically find art activities online by browsing some of my go-to art blogs. Today, however, I thought painting would be nice, using a rolling pin would make it better, and that using tape for resists might make the whole thing super interesting. So that’s exactly what we did. Brooks folded his paper in half, applied tape in different spots for the resist, and then liberally applied paint to various parts of the paper. We then carefully folded the whole thing on itself and he went to town with the rolling pin. Every so often B would open up his paper and apply more paint, before resuming the rolling pin action. We were left with a pretty neat piece. Because by this time we were cutting it close to leave the house he was only able to make one piece, which is atypical for us, he usually produces between four and six pieces per activity.

We really enjoyed this art activity and can’t wait to try our hand at it again.

After tutoring and gymnastics we came home and played board games. The kiddos then became entrenched in an elaborate game of store, where they each started off with certain amounts of money and built their own stores with items from Brooks’s room. The house was turned into a store haven; you couldn’t walk two feet without having to step over items for sale! Those two really know how to have fun!

And tomorrow I’ll have a bit of fun of my own. I’m attending my first ever baking class taught by a fellow homeschooler. I am super stoked and can’t wait to learn all the ways I’ve been baking bread incorrectly! It’s going to be fun!