The other things, of course, including homeschool, baking cookies, and an art project. 

It was nice to get out and enjoy the crazy temperatures as opposed to being vexed by them. I’m one of those weird people that think that it needs to be 100 degrees out to properly enjoy the pool. Quite honestly, if temperatures aren’t high enough I’m just cold and shivering long term isn’t that fun. 

And of course, the other nice thing about hitting the pool with friends, other than catching up, of course, is being able to work on my awesome tan 😉 I say that in jest, since I’m pretty tan already, but I’ll take a few shades darker any day. So we had a wonderful afternoon with friends at the pool, and all after completing a full load of classes this morning. 

Very productive indeed.

After we came home, Brooks did his homework and we baked peanut butter cookies that a friend recommended (they were fabulous by the way, Brands, and B loved the simplicity of ingredients) and worked on some mini-snap painting.

Here is the link for those interested: 

We used a small plastic food container for our mini-snap painting, as well as different width rubber bands. This made it especially fun because as you snapped each rubber band it emitted a different tone, so of course our art today was musical as well. Brooks loves tinkering with his musical instruments so he really enjoyed the melding of two things he loves so much. 

Very fun indeed.

After a long, fun, productive day nothing beats staying up late, watching a movie, eating homemade snacks, camped out in the living room. 

Well, nothing would be incorrect. If Daddy Brooks were here that would beat all that and more!

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings (the countdown to RandR continues!).