After sleeping in this morning I had high hopes for getting the kiddos out of the house to check out Killeen’s Rock Your Park event tonight. I figured we could play some board games, dabble in some art projects, and bake homemade soft pretzels to pack along to the event. All that was nice and well thought out. I’m a planner. I foresaw a day full of activities and fun, interspersed with periods of free play. A perfect Saturday, especially when planning on attending a five hour event in the crazy Texas heat. I even expected to get some reading in: joy of joys.

My well laid plans were just that. We had a nice lazy breakfast that included freshly made tortillas from the leftover dough from yesterday. Then we played board games, tried our hand at some art, made kazoo’s out of toilet paper rolls (which then included impromptu musical parades), and took a break to read books.

By the way, the art project was loads of fun. The kiddos each made several pieces, of various sizes.

Here is the link to that project for those interested:

The kazoo itself was super simple. Here is a link to that as well:

After a nice long break we headed into the kitchen to make homemade soft pretzels. I found a recipe on the Smitten Kitchen that I really wanted to try. We typically make pretzels about twice a year. Usually it’s more of a fun activity: dough used in a more artistic endeavor, Little B creating shapes or creatures, and then baking them before gleefully eating the head off of whatever he made.

Our go to recipe is usually a knock off of Auntie Anne’s soft pretzels, but B has never really liked those and so I thought a new dough might be needed. What appealed to me about this recipe is that it seemed similar to pretzels one can buy at the ballpark, slathered with mustard. In fact, in her photos, she does just that.

The dough was quite simple to prepare. We let the dough rise and then the kiddos worked at shaping the pretzels just right. They did well and Little B was so intrigued with the process he forgot to make creatures, or animals, or shapes. The pretzels did not end mini sized, however. They are in the medium range, somewhat smallish, but not tiny as I’d hoped they’d be. The kids need more practice with the dough before that happens, I suppose. But they did make great pretzel rolls for dinner, which we sliced in half and made into sandwhiches. My favorite way of eating one, though, was topped with a healthy dose of mustard. Delicioius!

After sampling our pretzels we headed outside for a bike ride. With the heat that wasn’t the best idea. We all came in soaked in sweat, extremely thirsty, hot, and tired. The event at the park? Forget about it! We were all just done! So we agreed that we’d eat our dinner indoor picnic style, enjoy movie snacks, and play an 80’s movie on Netflix. We settled on Labyrinth, one of my all time favorite movies from when I was little.

So we had a great day, regardless of how late we started it or how slow we took it. It was perfect in most ways.

Tomorrow is another day. After church we have a friend’s barbque to attend that we’re all pretty excited about. Life remains good, regardless of the circumstances!