to take better care of myself. I think it’s too easy to focus so much on my family and my responsibilities that I neglect taking care of myself. It’s so easy to do. Between house chores and homeschooling, between the doggies, and everything else that comes with being a Mom and a Wife, sometimes Me comes last. And isn’t that like most of us women, self sacrificing even to the detriment of our own health. I think the last few days have let me see first hand that an unwell me isn’t the best me, and that if I just took a little more concern with my own health and well being that I’d be a better mom and wife and we’d all win in that one.

The thing I hated the most was knowing Brooks was worried about me, because he’s so far away, and really what can he do? Making him makes me anxious because then I know his mind is on us instead of on whatever he needs to do over there.

So here is my promise to you, Cipe. I’ll take it much slower. I’ll be kinder to myself. I’ll learn that it’s okay to say I need a break. And I’ll realize that doing so won’t make me less of a mom or wife.

It’s the least I can do. And as always, life remains sweet, Cipe, regardless of the circumstances.