Little Brooks can say with all certainty that he is an Army Brat. Not only has his Daddy been gone for half of his life, either on deployments, at schools, or for training, but he’s had to deal with a Mum who isn’t always well. If there is one thing I’m extremely thankful for it’s a kiddo who regardless of how stubborn he can be at times, and boy has he had his moments, has always been amazing when I’ve been sick.

I can remember a Little B, barely two years old, sitting patiently on the floor next to the coach, a big pile of toys around him, while Momma laid on the couch with one ailment or another. The Boy never moved, never complained, and would cheerfully look at me or pat me on the head from time to time. It was precisely at the moments I needed my husband’s extra hands that Little B would become the lowest maintenance kid I’ve ever seen. Without fail, every time.

I’m thankful for that.

Today was no exception. As I laid on the coach, trying to nap my anxiety provoked by my ER medication, he kept himself and Marilyn busy, turning the whole house into a store, playing with art supplies, and putting on shows with commercials to boot. They even busted out the bubbles at one point and played with them indoors. Brooksy made sure the dogs were watered and had frequent bathroom breaks and even made himself and Marilyn breakfast. Really?! I’m one lucky Momma.

So as I napped the day away I was extremely grateful I had one less thing to worry about: keeping the kids entertained and happy. They took care of that themselves.

As always, life remains sweet, regardless of the circumstances.