I love my sister to pieces. She’s amazing in so many ways, but I especially love the way she loves my boy. Those two are something else. I love that Little B dotes on her as much as I do, and vice versa. Several weeks ago she sent me a care package and included a sock monkey kit for The Boy. Little B instantly wanted to work on it but I wasn’t up to it and we set it aside, and then I completely forgot about it. One of my proudest parenting moments for sure.

So today, after finally giving in and watching a movie at the regular theater (as opposed to the one on post, on cheapo Sunday or Monday where it’s only a buck to get in), we came home, played a few games of Life, drew pictures on the window with special markers, and finally sat down to tackle this sock monkey.

Little B really enjoys sewing, either with the machine or without. The sock monkey has it’s complicated moments. You should have heard little B when he turned over the instructions and saw what awaited sock number 2. Too funny! But really, the project was an easy one for those of us who have been sewing for awhile, if not a little hard for small, still learning hands. We spent a good hour chuckling over the whole thing and enjoying the process. At the end of all our hard work The Boy was left with an adorable sock monkey, sans ears (Brooksy wasn’t feeling those).

All in all we had a nice, laid back kind of day. I call that perfect.

And with Brooks returning home so soon I find my thoughts continually drifting to what will be our time together.

At one point today it hit me that the next time I gas up the car Brooks will probably be home. You all don’t even know the unspeakable joy that gave me. At times it seems surreal planning for his homecoming. It’s usually at those moments when my anxiety and nervousness set in. There is something about seeing that man after so long that makes my heart race, my hands drip with sweat, and my head feel like it’s going to burst. That’s some kind of reaction to love, I suppose. But it never fails. I always feel like I’m going to puke when I see him. Little B usually ends up talking me through it, poor kid. I am so incredibly excited. Really and truly I am. Don’t let the threat of vomit fool you. It’s all nerves.

I sat down today to make up a menu for the time he’ll be here, so I won’t have to over think things while he’s here. So I can focus most of my time on him, not domestic things. And it was precisely at that moment that I laughed at the sheer joy of knowing that our time together will be here soon, and although it may pass too quickly, it’ll be our time and it’ll be perfect and it’ll help salve the moments of sadness and loneliness and grief brought on by our seperation. For one brief moment in time all will be well and as it should be.

And goodness we surely can’t wait!