I’m short on time to blog today but I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to share my excitement with Brooks’s basketball team’s performance today.

When the game started I feared the poor kiddo’s would get creamed. Why, you ask.

Because our coach and his assistant were no shows.

Because only five players showed up.

Because B usually gets asthma and needs those breaks afforded when the whole team shows up.

Because the other team had a full roster and two kids that were HUGE. I mean, HUGE. They were easily taller by a head and a half. Our kiddos even jumping couldn’t swat a ball out of their reach. True story.

But you all know what? Our Fantabulous Five played like true champs, like a team, like they exuded the word Spirit. They were relentless, untiring, unwavering. They showed true grit and played their little hearts out. Even with their gigantic third and fourth graders (really, I’m having a hard time believing that) our kiddos were able to keep pace with the score, at times only being down by three points. And with thirty seconds left they TIED the game. Unfortunately, with a few fouls the other team were able to inch past our tied score to win by three, but you should have heard the crowd. We all went nuts for our small troop of five because they played like a championship was on the line. Even the other team’s family members were in awe of our kiddos and stood up to applaud them at the end.

Go Red Raiders!

Brooks was super excited at the end of the game. And he had every reason. He kept up with those kids and asthma or not he played defense like a pro and was an asset to his team. I am extremely proud of him and can’t wait to sit on the bleachers, holding my beau’s hand, cheering our littlest Brooks on.