Homecoming preparations are in full swing. And because I’m such a planner I can space out those to-do things quite nicely, kicking the stress to the curb. It’s quite easy to do, really, when you have a house full of kids. Because it’s hard to over focus on something like homecoming when you’ve got kiddos under foot, wanting to play, and make things, and, well… play. And eat.

So today we tackled two things on my list : grocery shopping and finalizing my fantabulous list of things-to-do-while-DBrooks-is-home.

The former was quite simple. Some research on the internet provided me with entry fees, addresses, schedules, etc. I scratched a few items off our RandR bucket list and added a few. I even shared some with my beau, who seemed excited about everything I mentioned, even the dorky, nerdy ones (those are more in Little B / Laura taste).

Side note: I mentioned to B that taking Daddy Brooks on a wine tour/ tasting might be fun. Little B, assuming he’d be coming along mentioned that that was all good and well because D.Brooks could enjoy his vino while he and I relished in the factoids behind wine making: the process, the history, the intricacies. He’s truly my son when he gets that excited about learning something new.

But back to my to-do list. The first part of my list was kind of tied into my menu making. How smart is it to make a RandR menu, including appetizers and snacks? Because then I can spend most of my time with Brooks as opposed to poring over websites and cookbooks trying to come up with “what’s for dinner.”

So off to the Commissary we went. The kiddos were excited because I mentioned that after the Commissary we’d go swimming, and then grab a late dinner before coming home to veg with art projects and baking (I’m beginning to think my tiredness may stem from my late nights with the children – I’m just saying).

I love the Commissary most days: love the prices, love the staff, love the place. But today was different than any of my shopping this whole deployment. Because when Brooks leaves typically our food budget drops. And cooking goes mostly by the wayside. Baking, not so much, but that’s another story. Typically I’ll make a large meal and we’ll eat that for two or three days. So grocery shopping is quite simple, very quick, and doesn’t take us down every single aisle.

But this is RandR we’re talking about. And Brooks has certain items he likes to consume and I have certain meals or snacks I like to make him. So that by the time we were ready to check out, the cart was overflowing and the kiddos had given up on helping me push the monstrosity around the store.

Never mind that six months is long enough to cause me to suffer from memory suppression, apparently.  It was quite the miracle that I was able to fit all those items into my itty bitty fridge and baby bear sized pantry. Thank goodness for organizational skills and kiddos that are willing to help and make the whole ordeal fun.

So that’s two more items off our list and that’s one more day closer to welcoming our soldier home. Brooks and I could not be more excited. Tomorrow we head out with a dear friend to purchase The Dress. You know the one… the cute little outfit one must wear to greet one’s soldier after a prolonged absence.

RandR is truly fun, and I plan on savoring and enjoying every second of it.