I am so incredibly thankful for the amazing friends that I have. I can’t imagine going through a deployment without the amazing support system that I have. I don’t fret about becoming ill or needing help because I know that if it comes down to it I can count on my friends to help out. Of course, I’m notorious for not asking for help but I’ve slowly gotten better (I’m trying to avoid that whole, Be Your Island thing).

When I think back to my foot surgery and the amazing outpouring of love, support, and attention my friends showered on myself and Little Brooks it still makes me feel like the luckiest girl alive. Life is truly sweet, regardless of the circumstances.

So today I met up with a wonderful friend to shop for The Dress: the thing I’ll be wearing that will hopefully make my husband catch his breath at the mere sight of me. Those are my hopes, anyway.

I’m not a shopper by any means. I detest the mall and cringe at the thought of going in and out of stores looking at things I probably won’t talk myself into purchasing. And as much as I dislike shopping, shopping for myself is even lower on the totem pole. With that being said, from time to time I do get the hankering to spend an afternoon shopping, but it’s usually because I’m in search of a particular item. Antiquing is a different story.  I could do that all day. But I digress.

The Dress shopping was not as painful as I’d imagined it. My friend had awesome suggestions and was super honest about how things fit or looked. And, of course, her company was the best thing. I love catching up with her as she’s one of my favorite people. She was even kind enough to suggest we take the kiddos to Chuck E Cheese afterwards. Thankfully, CEC was not crowded and the kiddos kept themselves busy so that we could sit and talk.

It was a perfect way to fill a day in between waiting on Brooks’s arrival. Those last few days before RandR can be real nail biters. Between keeping busy with The List, and trying to keep B occupied, the days can still seem to stretch endlessly. So I am ever thankful for an opportunity to spend a day with a good friend, bringing me ever closer to welcoming my beau home.

As a last note, Little B had a basketball game tonight. The kiddos lost by two points, and as always The Boy had so much fun and was all smiles afterwards. We have three games left on the calendar and are hoping and praying Brooks can be here for at least the last two.

Tomorrow Brooks and I drop off his cousin at my brother’s house. We are so sad to see Megs go home. We’ve loved her company and Brooks has kept busy as a result. Those two are so cute together. I love the friendship they have formed over the years. So Brooksy and I will return home and sweat out the last few days until it’s time to make our way to the airport. Well, perhaps I’ll be the only one sweating 🙂