Although most of our day was taken up by a drive to Dallas and back I have to say we had a great day. I was certainly dreading the six plus hours in the car. I’m not a fan of driving in any capacity, although I hate being a passenger more than I dislike driving myself.

And yet our day started off wonderfully, with a play date with three super kids. After breakfast the kiddos played with homemade play dough and Gak, then ran around the house with swords and nerf guns, followed by a board game, video games, and finally a movie replete with homemade popcorn, candy, and soda. Sure, it wasn’t the healthiest snack, but the kiddos were content and enjoyed the movie and each other’s company.

Afterwards I piled my three kiddos into the car for the trek to Dallas. Would I have loved to stay the night with my brother’s family? Absolutely. Little B was super sad to go and begged for me to let him stay an extra day. Poor kiddo had so much fun with his cousin he just didn’t want to leave her side.

Even our ride home was wonderful. Little B and I had plenty of time to talk, discussing world events, other cultures, and even parenting. He cracks me up. I truly love that I can have these long winded conversations with him, where he really gets what your discussing and can contribute to the discussion. Sometimes his point of view astounds me because he’s so little and yet he grasps so much.

So home again we are. Waiting rather impatiently for D.Brooks’s arrival. Our tomorrow will be super busy, but I’m thankful for the distractions and activities planned as it will make the time between our waiting and our hello that much sweeter.