Have I already mentioned how intense these last days before rest and relaxation are? How you spend more time looking at the time and/or wondering about the time and lamenting that it’s just not passing by quickly enough? How you check your phone a bazillion times in hopes that you’ll hear a word, any word, about a possible date or time?

It’s a nail biter for sure. And part of the fun of RandR.

With the military moving ahead with plans to go to nine month deployments I am wondering if perhaps this will be our last RandR. And although I’d much prefer a nine month separation without an in between visit it still kind of makes me sad to think that if we are ever faced with a deployment number six that we’ll have to wait it out until the Homecoming Ceremony to be together again.

So after two hours of sleep (which really isn’t that smart seeing as how I plan on sleeping very little when the Mister is home) The Boy and I headed to his first ever riding lesson. I was happy for the distraction and extremely excited for B. He had been looking forward to this lesson for quite some time and was only slightly disappointed that he didn’t have a proper cowboy hat to wear to his lesson.

Brooks’s riding instructor, a fellow homeschooling Momma, is so incredibly patient, kind, and all around wonderful. She had an incredible wealth of knowledge to share and immediately taught Brooks some points in the proper care of a horse, as well as small facts and safety points. It was all quite interesting and Little B was hooked.

Ever since we took That Child to Blora, to the little horse ranch they have tucked away between the trees, has Little B lamented the fact that horse riding around here for him entails walking in a circle on a pony (which we learned today is a breed – somehow that escaped me).  At the age of 12, a whole four years away (which is really half his lifetime), can B finally trail ride. So when Ms. Sue mentioned that she gave lessons I immediately knew it would be something wonderful to get The Boy involved in.

And BB was smitten. He loved every second of it, listened attentively, smiled and laughed. I enjoyed sitting under the shade watching his face light up in delight after Sue would teach him something new. He was so incredibly thankful for the ability to attend his riding lesson, repeatedly thanking me throughout the day and reminding me that he really needed to thank his Daddy to his face because it had been such a fun morning.

The realization that most of the things that D.Brooks has been able to provide Little B through so much sacrifice are not witnessed by him makes me incredibly sad and grateful and proud of my husband all at once.  A part of me will always lament that Brooks has missed out on so much, while another part of me swells with love for all that his hard work has provided for BB, homeschooling just being one of the those things we count ourselves blessed to partake in.

And so today, while watching my only child, my boy, atop that horse, I became slightly teary eyed knowing that there was a good chance that during his next lesson I’d be sharing a bench with my beau: our eyes intent on Our Boy, our fingers sure to be entwined together, a comfortable silence between us, the sun warming our faces.

It was indeed a good day.

Tomorrow we have an incredibly busy day ahead of us. I am ever thankful for Brooks’s friends; tomorrow he’ll head to a friend’s house after his Bball game. I’m thankful he’ll be distracted and will attempt to keep myself equally occupied so that hopefully the clock’s attempts to mock me fall on blind eyes.

And yet again we’ll find ourselves one day closer to welcoming Brooks home.