Oh, happiest of happy days!

After a gut wrenching, nerve wrecking, sweat inducing two hour wait we were finally able to welcome Brooks home. Okay, so I was the only one experiencing the aforementioned things, but trust me, we were all so incredibly excited to see each other again that we were all perma-grinning.

Little B was incredibly cool about the whole thing, only towards the end betraying the fact that he also was over excited about Dad’s arrival. As soon as he spied his Daddy amongst the other ACU’d fellas he took off, joyously wrapping his arms around his Daddy’s neck and beaming ear to ear. I love that as they both turned to me their joy was mirrored in each other’s faces.

As soon as Brooks’s arms wrapped around me, all my nervousness, all my anxiety, all my excitement melted into total peace and joy, pure and simple. I felt immediately as if he’d never been gone, not one day, not one hour, not one minute. As if all that had transpired the past few months were nothing but a dream, and a hazy one at that. We immediately went into our old and familiar routine: Daddy in the center, hand in hand with us, B always on his left, me always on his right.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. And I refused to think about anything but the moment, but today. Because I don’t want tomorrow to taint what we have today. Joy is all I know today and nothing can change that.

All those moments that Brooks and I wished and lamented that D.Brooks was missing and today here he was, ready and willing to spend the day with us, never mind his jet lag, never mind the time difference, never mind his exhaustion. I am in awe of that, of his desire to not waste a day, to set aside exhaustion and time differences to immediately experience our day with us.

Have I cried today? Not yet, till now.  Maybe it’s because he’s finally tucked into bed, our bed. Because my boys were able to wish each other a good night. Because our home feels utterly complete. I am so incredibly thankful for the way that Brooks loves us, cares for us, and guides our small family. All these deployments and he’s done them all for us. It’s hard not to cry over all that. Tears or no tears, I am incredibly happy today.

After coming home and greeting the wiggly girls (I love how they love on him and whine and cry at finally seeing him again) we gave Brooks a present that Little B picked out for his Dad. We thought it would be fun to purchase something that the boys could play with together. We picked up a mini radio controlled helicopter and the boys immediately began playing with it. It did end up in the tree at one point. And consequently Brooks ended up on the roof, but boy did they have fun. I love watching those two play.

I had decided I was not going to do any cooking today so after a while we headed out for linner and a movie. My favorite part of eating out with Brooks is sharing a booth with him. We always sit on the same side, as if I can’t get enough of him already! Little B was excited to spend time with his Daddy and reminded me several times that he is going to make the best of every second he has with D.Brooks. He’s missed him so darn much!

We had an incredible day. I still can’t believe that Brooks kept up with us all day. We’re all looking forward to tomorrow and cannot wait to make some incredibly memories. For sure this is already promising to be the best RandR yet!