We started off our day slowly, with plans to head to New Braunfels to check out Schlitterbahn.  Schlitterbahn was on Brooks’s bucket list for RandR and we were all pretty psyched to go. Because this is Rest and Relaxation we didn’t want to become nervous nellies or tired tommies (I made up that last one) by stressing over waking up early, or leaving at just the right time, or beating traffic, etc, etc. We were all pretty exhausted to begin with and sleeping in was high on our list of things to do today.

I love the pace of an easy day. Honestly and truly it didn’t feel at all like the day went by too quickly. I love that. Typically RandR is a race against the clock and calendar and before long it feels like we’re back at the airport saying. “See you later,” much too soon. We truly enjoyed a nice long day, and I’m ever thankful for that.

The trip to New Braunfels was nice. You all know I talked a storm down (and back). We were hoping we’d find the parking lot (or lots, as the case is) pretty empty. Instead the place was shock full of people milling around and even from the street it looked crowded inside. Because we had paced ourselves we knew we only had a few hours to enjoy the park and all agreed that standing in line didn’t sound too appealing.

Hence our improvisation. We aren’t crossing off Schlitterbahn off our list. We purchased tickets and we’re definitely going to go back. We just figure we’ll head back that way after school resumes next week so that hopefully the crowds are sparse and nonexistent.

So we decided to head over to Greune, a quaint little town that the three of us enjoy visiting. Greune is about two hours from Fort Hood, down I35. It’s a historic little town that was founded by German immigrants, and which prospered due to cotton. The buildings are beautiful and there is tons to see and do. We love strolling the streets and checking out the many shops, including a few antique places and a cute little old fashioned pharmacy replete with soda fountain. Greune also boasts Greune Hall, where many famouse singers have gotten their start. It’s supposed to be the oldest in TX, I believe, and still functions as a dance hall and bar today. The film Michael had a scene filmed there. It’s pretty neat. And right adjacent to Greune Hall is the Gristmill, a neat restaurant overlooking the Guadalupe River.

We stopped at the Rockin’ R River Rides for some tubing. I have long heard of tubing in Texas but we had never ventured out to try it ourselves. When we arrived the parking lot was empty. With the drought and excessive heat in TX the water levels are very low and at first I feared the business was closed. Thankfully they were not and we happily headed out on our first tubing adventure. We had a blast, low river level and all. We got stuck a few times, more my fault then anything else but enjoyed every second and Little B had a blast on the “rapids.”

Afterwards we headed to Greune for some window shopping and for a light dinner at the Gristmill. The Gristmill is a trip. The whole restaurant is open to the elements, there is no AC and minimal walls. The restaurant offers a great view of the Guadalupe. We always seem to get seated in the same area. For my fellow Hoodies, Greune is definitely a place you should check out. You won’t be disappointed!

We had an incredible day. I couldn’t have asked for a better day or better company. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!!