If it had not been for D.Brooks we would certainly have missed Little B’s riding lesson this morning. We’ve had a few late nights and waking up for Brooks’s 8 am riding lesson proved a little harder than I’d thought. Thankfully we were able to make his lesson since D.Brooks was really looking forward to it.

In all honesty, I’ve become so accustomed to attending B’s functions, games, practices, and events by myself that whenever Brooks is able to join us I am instantly thrilled and over joyed. He misses so much so anything little thing he’s able to do with us is a real treat. Today was no different. Sitting on the bench with my beau, his eyes intent upon his son, filled me with so much joy and happiness. I don’t take any of these moments for granted and count myself blessed everytime I’m able to witness one.

And Little B was all smiles, beaming from ear to ear, occasionally darting glances our way… honestly and truly, his father’s way. After all, I’m part of the landscape in his mind’s eye. Mom is always there, and although he cherishes me and appreciates me, he dotes on his father in such an amazing way. I love that, and don’t mind it one bit.

After the riding lesson and a quick detour to pick up some sucanat from a fellow homeschooler we headed with D.Brooks to a local salon for a pedicure. I had really wanted to make him an appointment for a massage but Brooks was a bit sunburned from our tubing experience and so we settled for a  pedicure. While D.Brooks enjoyed that The Boy and I went shopping at a local German bakery for some amazing rolls and treats.

It seems like such a simple thing: running a few errands, grabbing a quick lunch, attending a child’s lesson, but for those of us living in deployment limbo, one separation after another, those small moments are cherished. It may sound silly but I’ll take what I can. I’ll take the memory of a proud Poppa, watching his son trotting upon a horse, and remember it fondly, and somewhat sadly the next time I find myself in the same spot, alone. Or I’ll remember fondly the conversations had over sushi, my boys sitting across from me, at the weirdest moment… perhaps the grocery store checkout line, and the remembrance of it will surely bring tears to my eyes. And certainly the next time I get a pedicure I’ll wonder at the beating Brooks’s feet take in the midst of his workday.

If there is something I am eternally grateful for it’s the fact that these deployments have really taught me to cherish every moment we have together, to overlook the small things, and celebrate small moments, regardless of how trivial they may have seemed.

We had such a nice day together, and if I didn’t dwell on it too much, it felt normal, as if Brooks were just off from work for a day, and we were out enjoying our normal routine. I’m thankful for that.

After a nice morning together we headed to Austin to pick up Brooks’s parents. Little B was incredibly pleased to see them and has been chattering nonstop with Toots. I know he is so happy to have both his Daddy home and his grandparents. It’s truly a treat for him and I’m so happy for him and Big Brooks. I’m looking forward to spending the next few days with them. For sure it will be fun!

As an added treat both Brooks and his parents were able to watch B play ball tonight. The Red Raiders lost and Little B appeared nervous that his family was watching him. I’m ever grateful that Brooks is home and will be able to coach him for a few days. For sure sports are not my forte and I can only wish that I was more talented in that area. I do, however, bake up some amazing treats for the coaches. I can at the very least do that!