What an amazing day we spent with Brooks’s parents. After a slow start to our day we headed out to check out some furniture before heading to the bowling alley on post. Brooks and I are on a mission to replace most of the large furniture in the house. Mot of the pieces we have were given to us shortly before we married and after ten years our hand me downs are showing some serious wear and tear. The biggest thing on our list was replacing Brooks’s recliner.

Brooks loves his recliner. Adores it, even. Me, not so much. Not so much because it’s a bit of an eye sore (it’s old and showing it’s age) but also because he loves sitting in it while we watch movies and I’d much rather have him on the couch, next to me. Sometimes, especially when he’s not home, I’ll walk by it and give it a slight kick. True story.

So we’ve been on a quest to find him a new chair. Which should be easy but we had a certain look in mind (my request) AND the chair had to be ridiculously comfortable (Brooks’s request).

So off we went. We didn’t think we’d really find anything today, but we did. Brooks is ecstatic because the chair is being delivered tomorrow and he’ll be able to enjoy it before he leaves. I’m super excited for him and glad to have a nicer chair in the house.

So we spent a few hours shopping around today. I loved that Brooks’s parents were here while we perused the furniture stores, mostly because isn’t it nice to have advice and suggestions from family when shopping. It’s nice to get different ideas and opinions, because a lot of times you get stuck seeing things only from your perspective.

Little B was glad to finally be done with the furniture shopping. He’d been looking forward to bowling all afternoon. Bowling was fun, and a treat. B, as his usual, danced and celebrated after every turn, no matter how many pins he knocked down. We had a great time and I love that Brooks and his parents were able to spend the afternoon with us doing something B and I really enjoy.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!