Brooks doesn’t like to keep track of days while he’s home on RandR. I’m quite thankful for that. Although my college classes start Monday I refuse to acknowledge the date because knowing that will pinpoint how much time we have left together, and that thought is altogether heartbreaking.

So it’s eyes-off-the-calendar for me and my beau. We are so thankful Brooks’s parents were able to visit. It’s nice to have family share this time with us and their company makes it feel as if this time period were normal, not a reprieve from the deployment.

We are enjoying our time so very much. We are eating good food, laughing lots, and spending countless hours reminiscing. It’s been amazing.

We were able to watch Bb play his last game together. The boys coached BB and offered encouraging words and helpful advice. This momma is well intentioned but not sport savvy T
at all. At the least, I try.

It was a good game even with our Red Raiders losing. Brooks had fun regardless. For him all the fun is in the game; winning or losing seems irrelevant to him. His sunny disposition knows no bounds. I love that.

Afterwards we headed to the Central Texas College campus in Killeen for their annual Geekfest. The Boy and I were super excited. There was so much to see and do, spending a whole day there would not be far fetched. We learned about robots ( I’m hoping I’m able to lead a group of under 8 year olds in robot building – I’m psyched about that). We checked out some static displays and vendor wares, and saw some Planeterium shows. We missed the rocket demo. We got a taste of the zombies vs humans game. And, we got info on live action role playing games. A lot of the stuff we saw was way over my head. But I loved every second and I know B enjoyed it as well. We can’t wait to attend next year!

And now the boys are happily playing video games together. Watching them laugh and joke around is definitely heartwarming. Love does that to you.