Days at home are some of the best, especially more so when family is involved.

Between playing games, watching a movie, and cooking up some yummy food we were able to enjoy another day together. We even threw in an early mini Thanksgiving dinner. The boys have even played video games together, that’s including Pop Pop.  They are all currently playing Spades in the dining room and the frequent laughter and endless chit chat is music to my ears. I can think of very few things in life that make me so happy. Family surely is the best.

I am absolutely loving the pace of this RandR: no stress, no anxiety, nothing but pure joy and relaxation. It’s so easy to feel like this time is just slipping through your fingers and before you know it, it’s over, and yet we’ve somehow avoided that this time. I wake up each morning well rested and utterly loved, not once even thinking about the fact that this is a temporary thing. Not until I sit down to “pen” this blog does the thought cross my mind.

For sure all my pre RandR work paid off, the countless hours creating a menu and planning out activities, day trips, and excursions. It has definitely made this RandR the best one yet.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Life remains utterly sweet.